Screenshot of Bing Klingon translation.
Screenshot of Bing Klingon translation. - 

In what will come as a delight to Trekkies across the galaxy, Bing has paired up with the Star Trek franchise to offer translation into Klingon.

The translator lets you translate into Klingon and Klingon (Kronos) because dialects are important here. It might be your second time waster today, after that Google Atari thing.

"Star Trek Into Darkness" is slated for release this week and is the second film in the franchise directed by "Lost" darling J.J. Abrams. A quick look at Rotten Tomatoes tells us you may be speaking more Klingon in the near future: reviews are at 87 percent fresh.  

Genius marketing trick? We'll find out this weekend.

Bonus points if you can guess (without using the translator) which post of ours from today is translated below:

'e', umqu' ghot nuq qaS HeghDI' nIH pHone. mejDI' 'ej chu' wa', je' Daghajchugh vaj qI' nab chu' charrIer je Daghaj.

chell pHone nIHbe'choH chu' DIlmeH manutlhachturerS chu' chontrachtS charrIerS 'ej gheneratIngh, qatlh vay' 'oH mev ta' chaH?

kevin mahaffey je pe'vIl mobIle Hung 'uch lootlhout. pa' wa' InchentIve jatlh ghaH: chuStomerS pol.

"ghojwI'pu'lI' manutlhachturerS je 'orwI' Deeply SIQpu'bogh nuv, Dub vIHtaHbogh" QIj mahaffey. "mo' chenmoH nuvpu' QamtaH chaH HappIer protlhItable."

(The answer is here.)

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