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Ahead of the 2013 Academy Awards this weekend, the Wall Street Journal’s Jason Bellini set out to calculate how long it would take someone to actually watch every film nominee before the ceremony. Plus, how much would it cost?

The United States Olympic Committee recently sent out letters to 35 mayors around the U.S. It's looking for bids to host the 2024 Summer Olympics. Among those 35 cities were some you would expect -- New York, Chicago, and L.A. But there were also some surpises like Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Columbus Ohio which have city budgets far below the cost of hosting the summer games.

And finally, to Lake Tahoe where researchers discovered a goldfish that was nothing like the one I had as a kid that fit in a little glass bowl. It was a foot and a half long and weighed 4.2 pounds. I'm guessing this goldfish would not be afraid of the house cat.

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