A pedestrian walks by a 'now hiring' sign that is posted in the window of a Chase bank branch in San Rafael, California. - 

The White House weighs in on the latest jobs numbers. And a look at the greatest flops of Super Bowl ads.

 Today's jobs report shows 157,000 new jobs created in January. It also has unemployment edging up to 7.9 percent. But the report also tells us that we added a lot more jobs near the end of last year than we thought. Alan Krueger chairs President Obama's Council of Economic Advisers. He tells us what the White House makes of today's numbers.

Anheuser-Busch is launching a new beer on the biggest ad stage of all: Sunday's Super Bowl. The multi-million dollar ad buy for Black Crown is a big bet. But debuting at the Big Game, doesn't guarantee success. We look at some of the most notorious Super Bowl product flops.

New Orleans is hosting the Super Bowl. The town is packed with the wealthy, like the CEOs who'll sit in skyboxes watching millionaires in helmets battle it out on the field below. But there's a bigger picture, from the middle class small business owners to the working class folks cooking the food and cleaning the rooms. So we thought we'd ask the people of New Orleans a question we've been asking all over the country: How do you know when you're wealthy?

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