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ReMarket Podcast: Internet saved the radio star

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This week on the ReMarket Podcast we’re embracing our digital roots with a themed show focusing on Internet and technology, and not just the news headlines.

We’ll also help you get to know the team of producers and developers who deliver Marketplace to millions of fans everywhere BUT your local public radio station. That means our Podcasts, our website, mobile apps, social media sites, and dozens of other digital destinations where you can hear our audio, watch our videos, or read our stories and blogs.

If I were to write a song about us and the work we do, I’d call it “Internet Saved the Radio Star.” That’s because the work we do extends our radio shows to audiences without radio who might never hear us otherwise. In the age of the Internet, it’s not so hard to imagine a radio-free demographic becoming the majority.

In keeping with this tech theme, we’ve also compiled some highlights from this week in tech news. Research in Motion, the maker of the once mighty BlackBerry, warned investors that it losing money and planning significant job cuts. RIM has also hired bankers for what it’s calling a “strategic review,” which some analysts say could take the company in a new direction potentially as a mobile security software maker for business and organizations. And Nothing illustrates a need for security more than the news this week from cyber-security analysts who raised more warnings over the so-called Flame computer virus, which targets government organizations with spyware and other nefarious things.

Finally, we conclude with the funniest guy in Tech, our very own John Moe, host of the Marketplace Tech Report. He shines a light on “the growing trend of highly specific and deeply strange and often very funny blogs on Tumblr,” Moe notes. “Entire blogs dedicated to nothing but pictures of ugly babies from Renaissance paintings or single Cheetos left on the street.”

There’s one of just cats laying in piles of money. Another sports screen shots of characters from Law & Order eating food. You’ll hear from the guy who maintains that one. Sounds like a perfect way to end the work week, right?

Finally, we also changed our Twitter handle this week at Marketplace. We ditched our consonant-heavy handle @MktplaceRadio for something more simple and respectful of vowels: @MarketplaceAPM. Which reminds me, what does the Internet have against vowels? We remove them from some words (Flickr, Tumblr) and shove them in front of others that existed perfectly fine without the extra vowel (iPhone, eBook).

If you support vowels in the Internet age, tweet me with the hashtag #SaveTheVowel.

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