A car drives through a heavy sandstorm in Rawdayayn, 100 kilometers north of Kuwait City.
A car drives through a heavy sandstorm in Rawdayayn, 100 kilometers north of Kuwait City. - 
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Going against the grain of a lot of negative data coming out of Europe, German consumer sentiment is holding steady. Expectations for an economic rebound are also up.

To Romania where a TV reporter was sent out to cover a sandstorm, and according to the U.K.'s Metro newspaper, he got there a bit late and missed it. Undeterred, this intrepid journalist had his production assistant kick sand in his direction to re-create the sandstorm on screen behind him. Unfortunately, the production assistant didn't realize he was in the shot while doing it.

Is there an aspiring author out there who hasn't read the success stories about self publishing. The British author E.L. James' risque-to-say-the-least trilogy "Fifty Shades" has gotten a lot of attention.  As of this week, it's sold 10 million copies. Now, a reality check via Britain's Guardian newspaper: a comprehensive survey of self-published writers finds that the average amount made on a book that go around the traditional publishing industry is less than $10-thousand with half the authors making less than $500 dollars. But, as any poet will tell you writing isn't always about money.

How about a  handy device for relief from the euro zone crisis? Bloomberg Businessweek magazine invented it. The magazine's forthcoming cover has a big black target with the words "Bang Head Here." The printed instructions for relief from the financial mess: "1. Place magazine on a hard surface. 2. Bang head.  3. Repeat as necessary." Just don't try it on the iPad version.