Listen To The Story

The week started out with news that Spain’s economy has crept back into recession. On Monday’s Morning Report, David Brancaccio took us to the pub to explain how a “drunken binge of borrowing” led to the European debt crisis. Metaphor can be tricky to do well. But this one offers a fresh perspective on the role of France and Germany in this whole mess.

And it got us in a bar on a Monday morning. Which is a lot better place to be than the DMV. That’s where John Moe took us on Wednesday’s Tech Report, with a story about Facebook making it easier to become an organ donor.

Some stories are just made for radio. Like Sally Herships' piece for Marketplace on sonic logos. I want that diamond music to be my personal soundtrack.

And speaking of soundtracks, the question we seem to get asked most often at Marketplace is “What was the song you played after that story about orange juice futures?” or whatever. So, meet the woman behind the music on our afternoon show, director Millie Jefferson.

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