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Stick to that resolution with help from the undead

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How are you doing on that New Year’s resolution to be more healthy? Maybe you planned to do more running. Start out slow, a mile or two, then really ramp it up. Who knows… a marathon? Well, it’s March, and the only running you’ve done was to put out the fire your 3rd bag of microwave popcorn caused when you tried to add an extra 30 seconds to see if you could get every kernel to pop. You know what you need? Zombies!

Run Zombies Run is a new app designed to motivate your running. Imagine listening to your “running” playlist. You’re feeling a little weak and tired, when all of the sudden, a voice breaks in and says something like, “Hurry up! Zombies were just spotted one block behind you, and they’re gaining fast!”

The app is designed around a zombie story that sends you on a mission . Zombies chase you every now and then, which kind of mimics interval training, where you speed up then catch your breath. From Reuters: “Each mission that players embark on is approximately half an hour and there are currently 13 missions available, with 17 more in development. Players advance in the game by automatically collecting supplies like medicine, batteries and water for fellow humans back at their base.

Run like your life depends on it. Do it for you. Do it for humanity!

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