I’m just going to say it. I am scared of a nano quadrocopter air force (ed note: no one isn't, Marc! it's okay!). From the swarming, bee-like buzzing of these remote controlled drones to the sheer site of them flying in formation. I can already tell they will visit my nightmares. The University of Pennsylvania, in conjunction with KMel Robotics,  released a video, yesterday, showing these “creatures,” a little bigger than the average hand, being tossed in the air, then righting themselves as their four propellers begin to whir. The narrator goes on to talk about the flexibility of nano quadrocopters - they are highly maneuverable, they can fly in, and quickly change, formation, and they can navigate obstacles. What the narrator doesn’t say is how they will surely set their sights on the likes of me and use their lasers to blast me into oblivion.