The company that pledges not to be evil is apparently the least evil place to work, according to a new survey. You think that goes for the people who made Google Wave too? I don’t know. Google pays pretty well and there are plenty of nice perks like free food, on-campus parks and workout facilities, and electric cars that employees can borrow.

Another key selling point, according to the San Jose Mercury News is that it’s easy to breathe there and it doesn’t smell all gross:

From the company's earliest days, the co-founders -- who are said by some of the company's first employees to share an acute sense of smell and sensitivity to toxins -- have had an intense focus on air quality, as one way to create a work environment second to none. The company says its air quality rivals a hospital rather than an office building, and it has long scrutinized all building materials -- including, literally, a sniff test -- to make sure they are free of chemicals with any health impact.


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