Posted by Albert Sabate

For Marketplace, Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On today's show, we looked at who comprises the top 1 percent and how are they are making their money. President Obama announced a new plan to ease the pain of student loan repayment. Kai took a look at the impact of the charges against former Goldman Sachs director Rajat Gupta and spoke to Marketplace's Stephen Beard about how personal relationships are affecting the eurozone talks. Floodwaters in Thailand are threatening manufacturing facilities of many multinational corporations. Efficiency efforts to bring down global computing power consumption may be better pointed elsewhere. Lastly, Todd Buccholz's commentary sees the Greek bailout as a question of German culture. Here are the songs we played:

  • Spilt Milk - DujeousBuy
  • Ritual Union - Little DragonBuy
  • Gotta Be Something - D-TensionBuy
  • Shopper's Paradise - Carter The Unstoppable Sex MachineBuy
  • Northside Diehard - MatlockBuy