Or at least try to. It seems that a lot of people ask Google about whether certain celebrities are gay. "Is John Travolta gay?", "Is Tom Cruise gay?", "Is Lady Gaga gay?" Google is now doing its best to answer those questions. If you search on "Is Jodie Foster gay?", there's a message above any of the actual links that says "Best guess for Jodie Foster Sexual orientation is Lesbian" along with links to sites that have declared that. You can also learn that Elton John is gay and that Anna Paquin is bisexual. Plenty of celebrities have no result, Travolta being among them. Although searching on that question brings up a first result of Carrie Fisher saying he is.

Still, isn't it kind of an odd feature for Google?

I searched on my own name to see if I was gay but it returned no answer. I'll have to check with my wife.

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