I guess this is Vegas 3.0. Niels Jeffreys has purchased the domain names Romney-Perry2012.com and Perry-Romney2012.com.

From Hillicon Valley:

"'I have lost a bundle actually, and they're the worst investment I've ever gotten into," Jeffreys said. But he said it is hard to resist the temptation to buy more addresses for the chance to score a big payout.

"The practice is "essentially gambling."

With lousy odds, I might add. Even if Perry or Romney get the nomination, there is little chance they would pick the other to run with.

All sorts of domain names are being purchased right now with the idea that if the candidates and running mates team up for the general election, the domains can be resold for a much higher price. Indeed Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill paid $4000 to a cybersquatter for ClaireMcCaskill.com

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