The killer bees of cloud music services
The popularity of soccer of cloud music services
The Microsoft tablet of cloud music services

Spotify has apparently signed a deal with Universal to offer that label's music to customers. Universal would be the third of the four major labels, along with EMI and Sony, to sign on with Spotify. Warner would be the last one and it is said to be in heavy negotiations with Spotify right now (please Spotify, don't send LeBron James to negotiate with Warner, he can't get anything done in the fourth quarter). Spotify is a very popular European cloud music service where you can search by artist, album, label, or genre, or by direct search for a particular song. You can get a free account and watch ads or pay a little bit and get no ads.

Spotify has been about to arrive for well over a year now but if they land all four labels there's no reason it won't arrive in short order.

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