The Head Face says he's trying this for a year to get more of a feel for sustainable farming or something. Dude's killing goats and pigs. At least that's what he's status updated so far. I'm thinking: goat? Really? Presumably as a billionaire he has some options available to him. And he chooses goat?

As for what we can learn from this, I'm dubious. It's not replicable for most of us with families and non-billionaire incomes and no farms.

HUSBAND: What's for dinner?
WIFE: I don't know. What have you killed lately?
HUSBAND: (sigh) I just got home from work, do I HAVE to kill something?
WIFE: I killed the last three crows!
HUSBAND: Fine. I think there's an old raccoon in the alley. I'll be right back.

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