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Survey: China’s economic power concerns developed nations

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STEVE CHIOTAKIS: A new survey shows a growing concern in the developed world about the increasing economic power of China. The research shows people in the U.S. are especially uneasy.

The BBC’s Rebecca Singer is with us now. Hi Rebecca.

REBECCA SINGER: Good morning Steve.

CHIOTAKIS: Why are Americans so concerned about growth in China?

SINGER: Well, the survey doesn’t ask them specifically ‘why,’ but of the big one the big reasons being pointed to is the affects of the finacial crisis. Now, the U.S. is still climbing out of a big recession while China appears to be bounding ahead.

New York Times columnist and author Thomas Friedman says that’s why the U.S. is particularly concerned about China.

THOMAS FRIEDMAN: I’d argue it’s coming at a time when America has never been more paralyzed. More stagnating in the areas of infrastructure, education. Precisely the areas we see China vaulting ahead on.

Now, the survey was conducted for the BBC World Service in 27 countries by the international polling firm Globescan, together with the University of Maryland.

CHIOTAKIS: How does the rest of the world feel, Rebecca?

SINGER: Well, it’s actually a similar concern in other rich countries, like France and Germany and Canada. But in developing nations, especially in Africa for instance, the feeling towards China is much more positive. Now if you remember, China’s invested heavily in countries like Nigeria and Kenya. And that investment has also brought jobs and better infrastructure. And in fact over the next 10 years, people said they expect China to be more important to their national economy than America is at the moment.

CHIOTAKIS: All right, the BBC’s Rebecca Singer in London. Rebecca, thanks.

SINGER: You’re welcome.

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