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Rebecca Singer

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Boeing remains upbeat about Dreamliner's future

Feb 6, 2013
Boeing remains upbeat about the Dreamliner's future and is confident that despite the safety scares, airlines won't be cancelling future orders for the aircraft.

French movie 'tax' magically disappears for Harry Potter showing

Jul 13, 2011
In France, the price of a movie ticket includes a tax that's reinvested in the country's movie business. But the last installment of the Harry Potter franchise is playing outside of movie tickets, in concert halls, and ticket prices do not include the movie tax.

China watching European debt crisis closely

Jun 24, 2011
China is deeply invested in Europe, not only with trade partnerships, but also in European real estate. And with all that investment, a Greek default could have major implications for China.

Facebook loses some friends

Jun 13, 2011
According to new data from the site Inside Facebook, the number of people using the social media site during May fell in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Norway and Russia.

Bean sprouts take the blame for E. coli scare

Jun 10, 2011
German health authorities have confirmed that sprouts from an organic farm in Germany are the source of the E. coli outbreak that has killed 31 people.

Without nuclear, where will Germany get its power?

May 31, 2011
Following the disaster at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant, many countries reconsidered their stance on the safety of nuclear energy. Today, Germany announced plans plans to abandon nuclear energy altogether in the next 11 years. But without nuclear technology, will Germany be able to produce green energy?

Iceland restricts flights after volcanic eruption

May 23, 2011
Iceland's authorities closed the country's main airports following a volcanic eruption. Last year, a similar eruption grounded flights for days, and that took a big bite of the airline industry's bottom line.

2012 Olympic attendees vie for Bolt tickets

May 20, 2011
London's summer Olympics are more than a year away, but ticket requests are already flooding in to see Jamaican champion Usain Bolt. But with many tickets going automatically to sponsors, fans may not get to see the event.

Rosneft pulls out of BP deal

May 17, 2011
Russian state oil company Rosneft is dropping out of a deal with BP, leaving BP's investors concerned over the company's leadership.

Galliano's racism trial set for June 22

May 12, 2011
British fashion designer John Galliano is scheduled to go on trial June 22 for allegedly making public anti-semitic remarks.