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Playlist: Super Bowl ads and Lunar New Year

Chau Tu Feb 3, 2011

Posted by Chau Tu

For Marketplace, Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bob Moon talked to commercial director Joe Pytka, who’s contributed more than 30 memorable Super Bowl ads. We heard about some of his favorites. And if you were planning on watching the big game or any sports this weekend through a streaming website, you might want to change your plans — the feds are cracking down on pirated sports content. It’s the Lunar New Year in China, and millions of workers are returning home. Some of their employers, though, worry these employees won’t come back. Here in the U.S., the trend of hiring temps is becoming a big part of the economy’s recovery. The snow removal industry, too, will surely be helping with all the winter storms lately. Credit card profits are up, and so is spending. But the Federal Reserve’s Ben Bernanke says the deficit needs to be slashed. Here are the songs we played:

  • Electric Counterpoint III. Fast – RYXP True To Original Edit – Royksopp
  • Hamilton Road – DucktailsBuy
  • New West – Cult of YouthBuy
  • Even the Good Wood Gone – Why?Buy
  • You Gotta Lose – Obits
  • Off Our Backs – MenBuy

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