Submitted by Brett Snyder

Long Beach, Calif.

Traveling can be stressful, and I cannot sleep on airplanes. On one long haul business class trip to London, I popped this mellow album on and it even allowed me to get a few minutes of sleep. Now whenever I fly overnight, I listen to this album to help me sleep. It's funny, because I rarely ever listen to it otherwise.

It was hard to pick one thing to list here. The songs that I like vary depending upon where I am. I strongly correlate songs with locations and time periods. So when I listen to the Pat McGee Band, I'm remembering my college days in DC. Tom Petty? That's high school. Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers? My time in Phoenix after college. Alan Parsons Project? Going to Palm Springs with my family as a kid. Better than Ezra? Grad school. And yes, the Top Gun soundtrack? Trips to Hawaii with my family as a child. I like to listen to songs in places where it brings up a good memory, where it has a deeper meaning than just the music and lyrics.