Bill Radke does the Marketplace Minute.
Bill Radke does the Marketplace Minute. - 

I hope BP will
have the skill
to use "top kill"
to stop the spill
that fills
the gills
and kills
the krill...
on Capitol Hill,
the thrill
of the drill
is nil.

And as predicted,
new drilling's restricted.
The drug is expensive and we're addicted.

Euro debt has yet to vanish --
first the Greeks and now the Spanish.
And Berlusconi lamented a little. He
said that the markets are governing Italy.

Continental hasn't decided
If it's going to Fly United.

Reviews are out for Sex and the City
Critics agree the film is "underwhelming."

The biggest tech firm the world has got
used to be Microsoft. Now it is not.
Apple's surpassed
It. But Google's amassed
the unsurpassed
to blast
right past it.

Who knows who the Google-killer will be
But you'll hear it at