The Queen normally celebrates her birth privately on the actual day and publicly with a June ceremony at Buckingham Palace. In addition to the festivities, this year photographer Marcus Adams is releasing a rare collection of photos at Windsor Castle from when the Queen was a baby.

The Telegraph told some of the story behind the photos:

Among the collection is a poignant letter from the Princess's nanny, Clara Knight, which reflects how many landmarks of their young daughter's life the then Duke and Duchess of York missed while they were on the tour. The note, written on March 8, 1927, reads: "If Mummy looks into my wide open mouth with a little magnifying glass she will see my two teeth. Elizabeth is quite well & happy!" Lisa Heighway, curator of the exhibition, said: "The Duchess of York was certainly unhappy at the time about the idea of leaving her child for so long, and you can see that if you read her diary entries.

Ever wonder what Queen Elizabeth II is worth? According to Forbes, she only nets around $500 million.