Queen Elizabeth delivers Christmas message in 3-D

Dec 25, 2012
Each year on Christmas, Queen Elizabeth delivers a holiday message to her subjects. This year, she's making her 3D debut.

Queen's Diamond Jubilee brings joy and complaints

Jun 4, 2012
Britain is marking Queen Elizabeth’s 60-year reign, but some complain the celebrations and extra public holidays cost too much in a recession.

Queen Elizabeth at 85 -- still working

Feb 2, 2012
Britain’s Queen Elizabeth still handles a strenuous program of foreign trips and public ceremonies. Some ask how much longer she should carry on.

Former British banker gets knighthood revoked

Feb 1, 2012
Fred Goodwin led the Royal Bank of Scotland when it nearly collapsed during the financial crisis in 2008. The queen has now taken away his title of knight, leaving him in some less-than-honorable company.

Happy 84th birthday, Queen Elizabeth II!

Apr 21, 2010
The Queen normally celebrates her birth privately on the actual day and publicly with a June ceremony at Buckingham Palace. In addition to the...