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Bill Radke: Pepsi's getting some hits for a new application for the iPhone. The app is part of a promotion for the company's energy drink called Amp. And it's designed to "help" the guy on the prowl. But the application may not be helping Pepsi's reputation with the ladies. As Marketplace's Jennifer Collins reports.

Jennifer Collins: The app is aimed at helping guys snag any type of girl they might meet.

PEPSI's "AMP UP Before You Score" ad: Let's say you meet a girl who is way into being green. And you need a vegan restaurant stat. We've got you covered.

The app is called "AMP UP Before You Score." And it provides tips for winning the affection of 24 types of women. Marketing for the drink is generally geared at men.

Trouble is... Women are not so thrilled about being "typed." Hundreds have gone to Twitter to protest what they call a "sexist excuse for fun" and "one of the worst marketing ideas" Pepsi's "ever come up with."

Apparently the blow back was so fierce, PepsiCo apologized for the app. According to the Wall Street Journal, though, the company has not said whether it will pull the it.

I'm Jennifer Collins for Marketplace.