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Kai Ryssdal:
With the economy all topsy-turvy, we've been asking, what are you doing?
A lot of people are changing how they manage their money right now.
And we've been hearing from some of them here and on the other Marketplace programs.
Today, a church leader in the Midwest who's applying faith to his finances.

Don Vandoski: My name is Don Vandoski and I live in Greenwood, Indiana, and started a ministry at our church, and it's a way to apply God's word as it relates to our finances.

The reason why church and finances go together is in the Bible. There are over 2,300 verses that somehow describe our handling of money, possessions and things. The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower becomes the lender's slave. You know this is fundamental in the Bible, it's not a sin to be in debt, but it advises against being in debt. And I think what we're seeing, that kind of coming home to roost.

This financial peace class is really a way to encourage people to get out of debt. It's a seven-step plan, at the last step to build wealth and also to give. So in terms of what I'm doing maybe a little bit differently is my wife and I are on a cash basis on a lot of our discretionary spending, and so we have a budget for that. And once we get through spending the amount allocated for that, then we stop.

What's stayed the same is the faith. That's the stability that helps through these rough times.

Ryssdal: Don Vandoski teaches Financial Peace at Mt. Pleasant Christian Church in Greenwood, Indiana.