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Bob Moon: Apple is known for splashy product introductions. Speculation is flying ahead of the unveiling in San Francisco today that Apple has again succeeded in hyping -- as the company seems to do so well. As Rachel Dornhelm reports, Steve Jobs will have three separate audiences hanging on to his every word.

Rachel Dornhelm: Apple enthusiasts are hoping for a little silicon sizzle today. Tom Krazit covers Apple for CNET. He says expect new iPods across the board.

Tom Krazit: A redesigned iPod nano is probably the centerpiece of that announcement, a lower priced iPod touch and possibly higher capacity iPod shuffles.

Online chatter centers on a large touch-screen device or a monthly subscription service on iTunes. Investors want a good look of the company's reclusive CEO Steve Jobs. Analyst Roger Kay of Endpoint Technologies says there's been a lot of talk about Jobs' illness.

Roger Kay: Wall Street would look at Steve's health and say, "Well, the thing that matters to us most is, is the guy good to go for leading the company for the next year or two."

And there is another audience Apple has to address today -- buyers like you and I. Those of us looking for fixes to recent product bugs.

In San Francisco, I'm Rachel Dornhelm for Marketplace.