I think the Tata Nano is brilliant. Imagine... it gets 50 mpg, is designed for diesel and possibly electric, is cost effective and is sold in kits that are distributed and serviced by folks who assemble it for customers. As a result, they cut out the massive middle distribution chain.

What Dennis is talking about is our collective hypocritical, hysterical reaction to 10 million more cars in India in the near future when Americans are driving around in corpulent Jabba-the-Hut SUVs so we can play soccer, go for a hike and buy groceries. Be the change you seek in others?

I ran across a fascinating blog from Bruce Nussbaum who writes on innovation and design for Business Week. He advocates for design democracy and asks designers to design WITH, rather than design FOR. What a concept! So, perhaps all the Tata Nano detractors need to work with professional designers to design the future so all that may want a car can drive one without costing the future.