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The Greenwash Brigade

The Greenwash Brigade wraps: What's changed in three years?

by Jo Easton Aug 23, 2010
Almost three years ago, Marketplace launched the Greenwash Brigade to explore the evolving green marketplace through the commentary of experts in...
The Greenwash Brigade

100% recyclable... bath tissue? Yuck.

by Janne K. Flisrand Jul 27, 2010
A Minnesota colleague of mine, Cindy Ojczyk, sent me a tip on some bath tissue she'd spied that was labeled "100% Recyclable."...
The Greenwash Brigade

"Certified Naturally Grown." Really?

by Janne K. Flisrand Jul 18, 2010
Yesterday, I visited Minneapolis' Mill City Farmers Market. As I wandered around, I noticed Burning River Farm had "certified naturally grown" o...
The Greenwash Brigade

Kill baby kill: BP's "energy mix" won't clean this bird

by Heidi Siegelbaum May 27, 2010
(photo: NewsHour via Flickr) Beyond Petroleum? Beyond Penny Wise, Pound Foolish Beyond Pick up the Tab Beyond Pigs Might Fly BP, since its p...
The Greenwash Brigade

Happy Earth Day

by Jim Nicolow Apr 22, 2010
No greenwash posts today. While it's easy to be cynical about the slow pace of environmental progress and the prevalence of greenwash, an article...
The Greenwash Brigade

The noisiest chip bag ever made - Sun Chips in your garden

by Heidi Siegelbaum Apr 15, 2010
The big story this year in sustainable packaging is about Frito Lay's ® Sun Chips 100% compostable bag (and I mean 100% - compared to what? 20% ...
The Greenwash Brigade

Found on my desk: a greenwashing overview from a new magazine

by Janne K. Flisrand Apr 6, 2010
There's a somewhat new school at the University of Minnesota: the Institute on the Environment (IonE). They're publishing a magazine, Momentum,...

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The Greenwash Brigade

The bold look of Kohler's double-speak

by Jim Nicolow Apr 5, 2010
Now here's a double-speak that made me do a double-take: Apparently, depending on which magazine you're reading, Kohler plumbing fixture ads have...
The Greenwash Brigade

Is the Energy Star critique throwing the baby out with the bathwater?

by Janne K. Flisrand Mar 28, 2010
You heard the news about the GAO report on Energy Star. (Scroll down to March 5.)...
The Greenwash Brigade

Another "natural choice," this one from Hormel

by Janne K. Flisrand Mar 12, 2010
I'm the Brigadier who doesn't have a TV, so I'm always tromping around online to find the commercials we comment on. This week, however, I found...

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