A man reads The Financial Times in London
A man reads The Financial Times in London - 
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Doug Krizner: The Financial Times of London is making more of its online articles available for free. This could be a pre-emptive strike against Rupert Murdoch and the Wall Street Journal. From London, Stephen Beard has the story.

Stephen Beard: From the middle of this month visitors to the FT's website will be able to see up to 30 articles a month for free. That's quite a change. Until now, the paper has charged up to $400 a year for accessing most of the content.

Murdoch is the likeliest reason for the move. Rumor has it that the tycoon is planning to make the Wall Street Journals' website free. The New York Times scrapped its subscription fees last month.

Ed Dorrel, news editor of New Media Age, says this reflects the growing importance of online advertising:

Ed Dorrel: Advertising on newspaper websites is extremely healthy. And that's where the cash comes from. No longer can the subscription model be considered particularly valid.

The Financial Times, however, says it will not get rid of its subscription fees altogether. It believes the existing 100,000 subscribers will continue to pay for full access.

In London, this is Stephen Beard for Marketplace.