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SCOTT JAGOW: It's summer — time to relax in the backyard with, ummm . . . a black bear? Wildlife encounters are more common in suburbia these days. As Brian Bull reports, that's prompted a growing industry.

BRIAN BULL: Landscaping with man-made ponds, gurgling fountains and leafy plants add a touch of nature to suburban backyards. But they also attract nature.

Everything from muskrats to moose to pythons has been reported to animal control officials, as housing developments edge further into critter country.

In response, nearly 30 companies market some type of backyard wildlife deterrent.

Drs. Foster and Smith pet supply is based in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Sales manager Eric Reinhard describes one device he tested after a black bear became a regular drop-in at his home:

ERIC REINHARD: "It was a sprinkler-based, motion-detector that shoots off a blast of water when it picks up motion in its area."

Reinhard's company has seen a 50 percent growth in sales of deterrent products.

I'm Brian Bull for Marketplace.