Kids' crazy sports costs offer tax perks

Charles County, Md., is a new suburb filling up with families determined to help their children succeed. Konner Jackson, 11, plays three sports and is in his all-county orchestra.

In a conversation with Marketplace Sustainability correspondent Scott Tong, we explored how much we're spending on kids' extracurricular sports:

"That is, folks in the middle class are spending so much to compete against everyone else, including the very rich who are so far ahead of a lot us. But what happens to people in the middle is that they save less and borrow more, and it creates a parental arms race." 

Well, an informed listener, Ryan wrote in to us to share a tax tip for paying for kids sports:

"Turbo Tax's latest infographic looks at the various expenses of enrolling kids in youth sports, a $5 billion industry, and helps educate parents on all the costs.

Here are some key points in the infographic:

- Each parent spends approximately $671 annually on sports activities
- It provides a heads up on other expenses associated with sports
- A list of sports from Most-to-Least Expensive (Helps parents determine which sport they can afford)
- Tips on how to ease the burden of Costs"

The entire infographic can be found here:

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