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A plan for alleviating poverty and climate change

The two challenges are interrelated, and a new report from the McKinsey Global Institute says they must be addressed in tandem.
It'll take investment equal to about 8% of global GDP annually to close both the economic empowerment gap and the net-zero transition gap, according to the McKinsey Global Institute,
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How businesses can better prepare for climate change

Along with the obvious human case for looking out for employees, climate change poses a serious threat to productivity and retention.
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The economic and logistical realities of straw-bale building

Aug 16, 2023
One couple shares their experience with an alternative construction project.
David and Carrie Chew stand in the wooden frame of their incomplete straw-bale house in 2022.
Courtesy David and Carrie Chew

Beer? Pour me a grey one

Aug 15, 2023
A brewery in drought-plagued California experiments with making beer using purified grey water. The CEO says he’d serve it at a party.
Chris Garrett at Devil's Canyon Brewing hopes his beer can change perceptions about drinking recycled wastewater.
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Some climate-conscious homeowners are embracing at-home water reuse

Jun 30, 2023
Some conservationists see greywater recycling as the next frontier in sustainable living.
A refrigerator-sized appliance, made by Hydraloop, that recycles gray water, stands next to the washer and dryer in the garage of Justin Fox, in Carlsbad, California, Jan. 24, 2023.
Hart Van Denburg

Consumer demand for sustainable products goes wall to wall

Mar 15, 2023
Some homeowners are filling their walls with eco-friendly alternatives to synthetic insulation — but that can be costly.
A Havelock Wool employee trims excess material from insulation panels made of sheep wool at the company's facility in Reno, Nevada.
Courtesy Havelock Wool

With "regenerative" farming, small growers can reap big profits for air and soil

Feb 13, 2023
Some farmers use methods that reduce carbon and raise crops more sustainably. They hope for support in the next federal farm bill.
Mollie Engelhart started her farm four years ago to support her vegan restaurant chain, Sage.
Courtesy Engelhart

For public good, not for profit.

These NY farmers are building a space to teach Black people about farming

Jan 12, 2023
Ashanti Williams and Arian Rivera of the Black Yard Farm Collective talk about moving their farm to a new location and working with kids.
"It's a just kind of getting reacquainted with — or getting acquainted with — new land and building infrastructure," Ashanti Williams says of relocating the Black Yard Farm Collective.
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To fund climate-friendly agriculture, farmers seek financial support from restaurants

Nov 28, 2022
Some restaurants have joined an effort to support regenerative farming with a 1% charge on sales.
Cows graze at Nick DiDomenico's farm located in Longmont, Colorado.
Rae Solomon/KUNC

In 2022, you can clean your plate, then eat it

Aug 19, 2022
From forks and spoons to straws and plates, edible tableware is a growing sustainability trend, says Axios' Jennifer Kingson.
"One of the biggest marketing hooks for these products is that they are actually home compostable," says Jennifer Kingson of Axios.
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