YouTube will stream music festivals

Music fans will be able to watch Lollapalooza and the Austin City Limits festival on YouTube for free, the company announced. Look for the experienced to be slathered in ads. So how does a YouTube concert measure up to going to a real outdoor festival?

Pros of watching a YouTube concert:
- Free.
- No messing with transportation or parking.
- Don't have to deal with the stoned shirtless guy who keeps talking to you and breathing on you.
- You can do something else during the sucky bands.
- Summer dehydration can be prevented by simply walking to the kitchen and getting a nice glass of water instead of paying $12 for a plastic bottle.

Cons of watching a YouTube concert:
- You're sitting at your computer watching a concert.
- Lack of t-shirt availability.
- Crowd surfing results in fractured limbs as you leap from your desk, no one catches you, and you smack into the coffee table.

About the author

John Moe is the host of Marketplace Tech Report, where he provides an insightful overview of the latest tech news.


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