"Siri, are there any old Dukes of Hazzard reruns on?"

We've been hearing a lot of rumors lately about an Apple TV being in development. It will supposedly be to TVs what the iPhone was to phones, a real game changer. Probably high end, beautiful design, and able to do more than the regular TV ever could. The New York Times reports that any such project would likely have Siri baked right into it. So you're sitting there, you want to watch something, and you talk to your TV. And because Siri isn't just voice recognition, it's artificial intelligence, you would be able to say, "Show me a comedy that I would like" and it would offer you something good.

From the NYT:

Of course this experience goes beyond just playing TV shows or the local news. As the line between television programming and Web content continues to erode, a Siri-powered television would become more necessary. You aren't going to want to flip through file folders or baskets of content, checking off what you want. Telling Siri to "play videos of cute cats falling asleep" would return an endless YouTube stream of adorable napping fur balls.

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