"Kinect is amazing and everyone loves it. Let's put ads all over it!" - Microsoft

Okay, that's a bit of a paraphrase. Today Microsoft will announce NUads (short for natural user-interface ads) for the Xbox Kinect system. It lets users interact through voice and motion controls with ads with voice and motion commands, in case that's something people were really burning to do. The New York Times talked to Microsoft's Mark Kroese about the ads, and he says, "When you have highly interactive people and a passive medium, they are interacting with their phone or their laptop while watching TV." He follows by saying the ads "create a natural way for the user to engage with the TV."

There's a social media feature that no one in the world will ever use:

Using voice commands, gamers will be able to send messages about an ad to a social networking site like Twitter by saying "Xbox Tweet."

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