Chinese newspaper swears China isn't hacking other governments

Earlier this week we reported on a study from McAfee, that said a likely "state actor" had hacked more than 70 governments, non-profit organization and businesses. Media outlets and the experts they cited pointed the finger at China.

China wants the world to know it's not the bad guy. The Chinese government didn't say this directly, but an article in the People's Daily (which Reuters characterizes as "the main mouthpiece of China's ruling Communist Party") said "linking China to Internet hacking attacks is irresponsible."

From Reuters:

The People's Daily cited comments on the Internet that suggested McAfee published the report to alarm people into buying more of its cyber security technology. 'In fact, as the number of hacking attacks on prominent international businesses and organisations has grown this year, some Western media have repeatedly depicted China as the villain behind the scenes,' said the paper.

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Adriene Hill is the senior multimedia reporter for LearningCurve.


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