We want your tax limericks!

St. Patrick's Day is approaching and so is tax time. So we're holding a limerick contest. Send us your tax-related limericks.

Calling all poets! Tax time is almost here and St. Patrick's Day is even nearer (don't forget to wear green). So we thought we'd combine the two and hold a limerick contest!

We've invited the king of the money limerick, Dr. Goose, to join us next week and help us judge this year's submissions. So send us your limericks about taxes. You can do that by clicking here or send your submissions to our Facebook page.

If you remember, we asked for your limericks about the debt ceiling crisis last year and had a fun time reading them. We received some really great and creative submissions. You can check those out here. And check out our interview with Dr. Goose himself on those debt crisis limericks -- click here.

Looking forward to what we get this year. Thanks for helping us out!

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What? A refund?! That's like a loan to the government!

There comes a day due for taxes
When we all must pay out our asses
If a flat tax rule
Ever becomes cool
We can do away with tax guesses

Politics and lewd language! I love it!

corporations as tax dodgers
make you wonder why you should bother
bottom lines just keep expanding
as public taxes become corporate assets
employees paying taxes that keep landing
in pockets of people in higher income brackets

Michigan Leprechauns, we are told,
Horde sour cherries which turn into gold;
They are hidden in pots,
For the tax man wants lots:
Michigander’s loopholes must be bold.

Wow. What's in those cherries, Donald? And how long have they been fermenting?

I once was quite lax when ordering slacks,
and failed to pay the required use tax.
I sweated and fretted,
'till one day I paid it.
So now I can finally relax.

We get out the forms and we pray,
The process takes most of the day,
We both get depressed,
And we worry and stress
In fear of how much we will pay.


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