Why gay activists shouldn't be boycotting Stolichnaya Russian vodka

Stolichnaya Vodka in New York City.

This final note today, a bit of an Eastern European geography lesson. Gay bars in the U.S. and Europe have ditched 'Russian vodka' in the last week to protest anti-LGBT laws in that country, and the threat to arrest gay athletes and supporters at the Sochi Winter Olympics next year.

But gay campaigners in Latvia say: hold up. Don't boycott Stolichnaya Vodka over Russian gay rights abuses, because it is made in their country -- Latvia, not Russia.

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The Stoli label clearly says "Russian Vodka." If they don't want us to boycott it, why don't they simply change the label to say "Latvian Vodka?" I think we all know the marketplace answer to that one.

NONSENSE: Stoli's own website says that the wheat is grown in Russia and distilled in Tambov, Russia. THEN it is sent to Latvia where it is filtered through charcoal (made from Russian birchwood) and blended with water.

Sorry, but when a company uses that many resources from Russia and part of the production is in Russia, that company is fair game for a boycott.

Source: www.stoli.com

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