Now available: The Ron Paul action figure

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    The Ron Paul action figures come with their own mini-U.S. Constitutions.


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    The Commander-in-Chief Ron Paul action figure.


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    The Superman Ron Paul action figure.


This final note today, the Marketplace entry in the sometimes super PACs do more harm than good sweepstakes.

The super PAC that's supporting Ron Paul -- RevolutionPAC, it's called -- is out with a new fundraising idea today: A collectible action figure of the candidate himself.

I could stop there, but this is really too good. For just $94.95 -- plus $7.50 shipping and handling -- you can get either Commander-in-Chief Ron Paul or Superman Ron Paul. They're 12 inches tall, the website tells us. Comes equipped with a mini-U.S. Constitution.

Also? Comes fully clothed. So there's that.

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