PODCAST: The 30 million person crack in health care reform

Federal subsidies will make it easier for millions of Americans to buy health coverage, but millions still won't be able to afford it.

A new report out this week shows that while pirate attacks off the Somali coast have plummeted, there's a growing threat on the other side of the continent.

Today the U.S. Conference of Mayors kicks off its annual meeting in Las Vegas. The mayors are expected to call for federal officials to pass immigration reform. So, what does immigration mean for cities?

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Mark Garrison is a reporter for Marketplace and substitute host for the Marketplace Morning Report, based in New York.
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When will America join the rest of the world in offering universal health care for its citizens that does not embed private, for-profit health insurance as the core of the system? We need to improve and expand Medicare so that it covers all U.S. citizens, and I guess we'll come to that realization when the ACA fails, not only in covering many millions of citizens, as this story points out, but when it fails to contain health care costs. Currently, over 30 cents of every health care dollar is wasted on insurers' costs, whereas Medicare's overhead is only about 5 cents. It's an economic decision, and a moral one, and a matter of national security, to ensure that our citizens receive health care without going bankrupt. Medical costs are the single greatest cause of personal bankruptcies, and most of those people had insurance.

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