Defund Obamacare: Stay tuned, after these messages

In a little over a week, an important part of Obamacare will be rolled out across the country. The health insurance exchanges open for business on October 1.

Except "most people don't understand Obamacare" says Peter Ubel, a professor at the Duke School of Public Policy. He says "uncertainty can be a very powerful emotion."

And emotion has been a constant theme in advertisements about the health care law.

"I think both sets of ads on pro-Obamacare [and] anti-Obamacare are working off fear," says Ubel.

Ads like the much lampooned Uncle Sam giving a prostate exam are one example:

Could these ads actually stop people from signing up for health care? Ubel says "it will scare people and that will work." Some will be too scared of the government to sign up. Others will be too scared of high health care costs not to.

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Maybe I'm just old-fashioned, but without actually implementing the law, how do we have any data to determine whether it's harmful/effective/has no impact? If it works, we'll know shortly. If it doesn't work, we'll know that too -- shortly.

What irritates me is that last I checked, the job of the Congress of the United States was to write and approve new legislation, or, if they believe they (note: THEY) have made an error, to write and approve legislation to remove erroneous legislation. It's not Obamacare, it's CONGRESScare. They - and only they -- have the right and duty to create laws. It's the POTUS' job to execute the law of the land as written -- essentially to do what he's told (and why something like "signing statements" are IMO, illegal).

Let's get the emotions off the table, and get some hard data. Implement the *law*, and then talk about fixing it if there is concrete data that it harms society. Otherwise, how about you folks in Congress get on with your OWN responsibility, or stop taking a paycheck for NOT doing it. The country could use that money profitably elsewhere.

Obamacare in 2013 will not change appreciably the state of our health care industry. It will in 2014 when the costs for paying it will come due. Also each year thereafter until the max year is reached. I believe it is 2016. But don't quote me. The whole idea of this is scary since our govt will be in control. The track record of our govt setting up frugal economics is sadly poor. Every minute our govt is making money that is not worth the paper it is written on. The federal deficit is ever rising. Now wonder why americans are scared and angry? We need to contact our political appointees and let them know why Obamacare is bad for america. More homework needs to be done.

Yes, Obamacare is pretty scary: lower premiums than expected (Kaiser Family Foundation), lower rates of uninsured Americans, greater overall savings in healthcare costs than expected by the OMB.

Why are people like the Koch brothers, who could buy hospitals, instead buying advertising like this? Do you think they are looking out for working class Americans?

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