Bush tries giving McCain a boost

Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain of Arizona waits to speak during a town hall meeting in Miami, Fla.


Renita Jablonski: There's one friend in particular that's gonna try to help John McCain. President Bush has near record-low approval ratings at the moment, but he'll be fundraising in Arizona today with the man he hopes will replace him. The question is, will that help or hurt the presumptive Republican nominee? Jeremy Hobson reports from Washington.

Jeremy Hobson: In April, John McCain raised only about a third as much as his two Democratic opponents combined. President Bush, meanwhile, remains a fundraising force. He's already raised tens of millions of dollars this year for the Republican Party and congressional candidates.

And former Reagan Speechwriter Clark Judge says Senator McCain ought to take note:

Clark Judge: There's a big part of the party that still thinks he's pretty good.

Judge says the president may only have support of about 25 percent of the country, but McCain needs those people -- and their money -- to win.

Judge: Whatever you do, it's tough to run for president, and you need all the support you can get. And the president has very significant areas of strength, and Senator McCain needs them.

Among President Bush's remaining supporters, Judge says, are ardent Iraq War backers and supply siders. Still, some strategists say candidates should think twice about using President Bush -- even to raise money.

In Washington, I'm Jeremy Hobson for Marketplace.

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I listened to Jeremy Hobson's report on Bush fundraising for McCain. This report was somewhat upbeat/positive on Bush as a fundraiser for McCain. But this ignores the reality, well known in Phoenix, that the fundraiser in Arizona had to be scaled way back due to lack of interest. See this story in the Phoenix Business Journal for the details: http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/stories/2008/05/19/daily77.html?surro... I feel that a more balanced report would have at least included what has been in the press recently. Sincerely, Dan Kuchta grcutter@comcast.net

He will use the president when money is involved, but when the election comes close he will resume being distant so voters don't hold it against him.

He is also running to (kiss up to) the right in the primary so he can run back to the center for the general and pretend to be a "Uniter not a divider".

McCain has had to let go several lobbyists from his campaign, he has to make up the money somehow.

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