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Border security surge threatens U.S.-Mexico commerce

The immigration reform bill passed by the Senate increases the number of new Customs and Border Patrol officers and adds billions more to pay for border security, mostly on the southern border.

The Senate is gearing up to vote on a comprehensive immigration reform bill this week. One element of the legislation is a $46 billion border security amendment passed earlier this week. It's called the "Border Surge," and it includes more fencing, drones, cameras, and nearly double the number of border patrol agents along the U.S. Mexico frontier.

Many Democrats support the measure as a way to gain bipartisan support for wider immigration reform. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is among the Republicans who call the surge a "game changer."

Enrique Acevedo, anchor and correspondent with the Spanish language broadcaster Univision, joins Marketplace Morning Report host David Brancaccio to discuss the economic impact of the so-called "Border Surge."

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