Jon Stewart, Take 2

The battle of the comedy networks rolls on. On the Daily Show last night, Jon Stewart continued his rant against CNBC. He said no one from CNBC has agreed to come on the show, but Jim Cramer wrote an article claiming Stewart took his comments about Bear Stearns out of context. Mistake.

Here's what the thin-skinned Cramer wrote for MainStreet.com:

"I did tell an emailer that his deposit in his account at Bear Stearns was safe, but through a clever sound bite, Stewart, and subsequently (New York Times columnist Frank Rich) -- neither of whom have bothered to listen to the context of the pulled quote -- pass off the notion of account safety as an out-and-out buy recommendation."

Uh, Stewart bothered to listen. He found a clip from 11 days earlier, where Cramer said he wasn't quitting on Bear Stearns stock at $69 a share:

"Of course, while Cramer wasn't giving up on Bear at 69, 11 days later, the stock market was more comfortable with it at two."

It gets worse, but I'll just let you watch the clip below. I think this Gawker column has it correct -- CNBC would rather be talked about than right.

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It's urban legend that Cramer pumped up Bear Stearns just before it tanked? It was taken out of context? The obvious manipulation of the truth astounds him?

I don't think so. Obviously, what astounds him is someone has the balls to tell it like it is and call him what he is; a sadly stupid man about that which he claims to be expert, and an entertainer who is playing with the financial well-being and lives of people, ranging from the elderly to families with children, people of all strips and political persuasions. And why does he do this? Because he cares about their financial security? Their well-being? Their security? Their happiness? No...all he cares about is his ego, his celebrity, his noteriety, his star power, and of course, HIS wealth. And as he reinforces that celebrity and builds his empire, so what if a few old folks' lives are destroyed as their financial resources are devastated by his inane and stupid antics while cheerleading for the corporate elite. So what if families are torn asunder and children are forced to live as third class citizens because their idiot parents, who needed to be 'entertained' to keep their attention, actually thought he knew what the hell he was talking about when it came to what really mattered; protecting their financial well being.

The real urban legend is that Jim Cramer has something worthwhile to say. He doesn't. He's a clown, albeit a very, very dangerous one that the country, and the world can easily do without.

Yeah, Dan, I have this distressing image of aliens tuning into the earth's TV signals and Cramer's show being the first thing they see.

The most powerful evidence against Cramer's judgement and common sense is that he actually thought he could get in a public argument with Jon Stewart and not end up looking like the biggest butthead on this or any other planet.

Truly pathetic.

Thanks god for public media and the comedy shows who are willing to do honest journalism when the network media can't handle it!

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