Emergency plans born from disaster

Jack and Dorothy Quarles in their repaired and refurbished New Orleans home.

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After a business trip to Louisiana six-weeks after Katrina, I witnessed first-hand the devastation and the stress that families were under trying to restore their lives. As a former Vice President in charge of Crisis Management for a leading Wall Street firm, I have seen homes and businesses destroyed by fire, natural disasters and even terrorist attacks. Upon returning to New York, I created a company called Siftsort.com - a simple and secure way to organize important documents so they can be accessed and shared using a computer, mobile device, or Toll-Free Hotline. Users can safely exchange information with doctors, insurance companies, lawyers, accountants, and family members.

Millions of people are at risk each year due to natural disasters that destroy homes and businesses – causing billions of dollars worth of damages. Filing insurance claims or attempting to restore your business can be difficult if essential records have been destroyed or misplaced. Siftsort.com is an economical solution that helps protect the assets of any individual or family and their business. It is never too late to take the necessary steps to prepare for the unexpected.

I encourage you the check it out. www.siftsort.com

Because my family lives dispersed from one another throughout the US, I have offered to retain CD's or document duplicates under seal in my safe deposit box.

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