BP containing about half the Gulf oil leak

Heavy oil flows through the current in Barataria Bay near Grand Isle, La.

BP's latest cap containing the Gulf oil leak is managing to siphone over 10,000 barrels a day to a surface tanker. While this marks some success, the company is still only containing about half the oil leaking out.

The latest cap method began over the weekend and is the latest in the oil giant's string of failed attempts at plugging the leak. The company has also made its underwater camera taping the event public by live feed. BP hopes this cap, once sealed, will eventually capture as much as 90 percent of the oil.

BP says clean-up and containment has cost the company $1.25 billion, but investors are focused on the god news as BP shares rose today in Europe.

BP's back-up plans

If this attempt fails, BP says its previously failed techniques might still come in handy. The company wants to try a revamped version of its "top kill" procedure, which previously failed to inject mud into the leaking pipe and stop it up. BP says within a couple weeks, it hopes it can actually use that failed hardware, which is still attached, to try to suck oil out instead. There are also more giant steel "top-hat" domes standing by. But the oil firm is warning the public that oil will probably still be leaking until August.

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The best way to prevent such OIL Catastrophes, and to jump start use of alternative energy sources, is to impose STRICT Legal LIABILITY upon all who are engaged in such carbon (oil, coal, gas) exploration and collection activities anywhere in the world.

American law is well versed in the administration of Strict Liability with certain highly dangerous activities (e.g. use of explosives, harboring wild animals, products liability, etc.). Americans must insist that Strict Liability be imposed upon all who are engaged in such carbon (oil, coal, gas) exploration and collection activities anywhere in the world, by granting jurisdiction to All federal and state courts to award money damages for any and all harm caused by such activities.

The energy companies have made tens of billions of dollars in profits for years. If we impose strict liability they will change their arrogant harmful ways practically overnight!!

BP was once called British Petroleum. It may have been owned by the people in the UK 50 years ago. Guess who controls/owns them today? The same people who started a PR Campaign that led up to Desert Storm. This little country knew it could not fight the dictator next door by itself it needed the US to fight it's fight? Why because they had the money from oil to flood the US mass media with advertisements but no military. So the good ol boys here have been in this war since 17 January 1991. So what's the real cause and effect here? You never hear a peep in the media about Kuwait, did never see Kuwait build a hospital or start a charity here for US troops. Visit http://www.akbhomesucks.com to read about other corporations and greed run amok. It amazes me how things get swept under the rug here in America. People are so blasted by the media they forget the news from less than a generation ago.

this incident was caused by the usa's desperate thirst for oil!

the world needs to know the dangers of offshore oil drilling.I think that all bp owners and operators should be placed in jail and never be able to make a profit ever again.Its a shame that the rest of the world has to pay for the cleanup, while they can start making profits again.and forgotten all about this leak in 2-3 years

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