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America is buying bottled water in droves.

Why buy water when you can have it for free?

Sep 1, 2015
Bottled water is about to become the most popular packaged beverage in the U.S.
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A man explains the stock market's recent fluctuations on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange last Wednesday in New York City, the third day in a row the NYSE had invoked Rule 48.

When markets are turbulent, it's time for Rule 48

Sep 1, 2015
This obscure little element of the NYSE playbook helps take the stress out of trading
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Musicians perform at StubHub's Next Stage Concert Series. The online ticket reseller has ditched its all-inclusive pricing model.

StubHub gets snubbed after publishing full prices

Sep 1, 2015
The ticket reseller built fees into the prices, and buyers went elsewhere
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An interior shot of Big Fun Toys in Cleveland, OH.

Big Fun Toys plays the niche card

Aug 31, 2015
Owner Steve Presser fights online shopping and price checking with kindness.
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Director Wes Craven arrives at the premiere of "Scream 4" back in 2011 in Hollywood, California.

Wes Craven's legacy: Hollywood loves horror

Aug 31, 2015
As the director demonstrated, it doesn't take a big budget to make a huge hit.
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A Comcast cable box.

Why we don't buy cable TV set-top boxes

Aug 31, 2015
The FCC is considering whether to make those purchases easier.
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The skies feel very friendly for airlines

Aug 31, 2015
Industry profits are at new highs, but passengers still feel so squeezed.
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Movie trailers become events of their own

Aug 31, 2015
A good one can attract millions of viewers online, long before the film opens.
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Jack Lew is a fan of both Hamilton and "Hamilton."

Aug 28, 2015
Here are the numbers we're reading and watching Friday.

Labor board landmark ruling affects contract workers

Aug 28, 2015
The ruling could change the relationship between businesses and subcontractors/
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