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Investing in fantasy sports is becoming a way for sports networks to cash in on live programming and expand their footprint.

Sports channels tap fantasy games for new content

Jul 27, 2015
Investors are pouring money into online sites like DraftKings.
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An American Airlines jet taxis on the runway at LaGuardia Airport in New York.

New York to rebuild LaGuardia Airport

Jul 27, 2015
The renovations will cost billions.
Posted In: Andrew Cuomo, airports, construction
A New York Times investigation on nail salons is getting backlash from a spa owner.

Journalist tries to take the polish off an NYT series

Jul 27, 2015
Investigation of nail salon workers' grim conditions is wrong, day spa owner says.
Posted In: nail salon, low-wage workers, low wages

Colorado workers sue Chipotle, part of national trend

Jul 27, 2015
Complex law, 'on call' mind set are behind class-action suits alleging unfair pay.
Posted In: Chipotle, labor, lawsuits

Sports + Fans + Selfie Culture = Business Strategy

Jul 24, 2015
Fanpics looks to capitalize on our love of sports and pictures of ourselves.
Posted In: Sports, pictures, selfie

How Amazon can be worth the same as Wal-Mart

Jul 24, 2015
The bricks-and-mortar chain makes more money, but investors like the online store.
Posted In: Amazon, Wal-Mart, Earnings

Weekly Wrap: Hillary Clinton, mergers and commodities

Jul 24, 2015
Catherine Rampell and Cardiff Garcia join us to recap the week in business and finance.
Posted In: hillary clinton, commodities, mergers

CFO's rise beyond the balance sheet

Jul 24, 2015
Chief financial officers used to just do the books. Now they're key strategists.
Posted In: CFO, finances, career
Onlookers gaze up at billboards in Times Square

A dim law? Imagine Times Square without billboards

Jul 24, 2015
'Bureaucratic hiccup' threatens the intersection's iconic flash.
Posted In: Times Square, New York, Transit

Converse unveils a revamp of the classic Chuck Taylors

Jul 24, 2015
And this time, your feet will appreciate them.
Posted In: Converse, shoes, Nike
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