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Credit cards vs student loans

May 14, 2010
Question: I was recently able to lock my existing credit card debt in at 1.99% or less for the next 6 months, which is lower than the roughly 3.5%...
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IRA vs student loan

Mar 18, 2010
Question: I am self employed, and have a mountain of high interest (above 7%) private student loan debt (approx. $55K). I also have federal student...
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What to do with savings

Mar 2, 2010
Question: My wife and I are trying to figure out where to put $7,000 just sitting in our savings account. My wife is in graduate school and has...
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Student loans

Feb 23, 2010
Question: I currently have some loans (40K) both undergrad and grad school. I am just graduating and am getting a job in China. However, I will pay...
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Paying for culinary school

Jan 26, 2010
Question: My daughter got a Sallie Mae loan to go to culinary school. She was 27 so did not get the special low rates for younger students, rather...
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Which debts to pay off first

Jan 12, 2010
Question: I am hoping you can help me with a question my husband and I have. We currently have an extra $1200.00 that we would like to pay towards...
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Income-based student loans

Nov 20, 2009
Question: You recently reported on a student loan option that was being offered as part of the government stimulus package, which is based on a...
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Relief on student loans

Oct 7, 2009
Question: My son was recently told by another graduate that there is a program that limits the amount of monthly payments for student loans. Are...
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