Allstate tackles field in NOLA

Jan 11, 2008
If you watched the big college football game between LSU and Ohio State this week, you probably noticed an Allstate logo at some point. Scott Jagow talks to sports commentator Diana Nyad about whether its presence was welcome.
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More bowls than good teams to fill them

Jan 3, 2008
If you follow college football, you've noticed an explosion of bowl games -- some featuring teams with losing records. Our business-of-sports analyst Diana Nyad has been keeping track and shared her thoughts with Kai Ryssdal.
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Saying 'Aloha' to the Sugar Bowl

Dec 31, 2007
The football team at the University of Hawaii is playing its biggest game ever, and winning could offer big rewards to the school. Andrea Gardner reports the pay-offs go beyond the cash.
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Northeast snow means happy skis

Dec 25, 2007
Ski resorts in the Northeast hit a dry spell last year, causing a sharp visitor decline. But this season, everything is in full swing. Sean Cole reports from his own "Hell," also known as a snowy Boston.
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NFL a touchdown this TV season

Dec 14, 2007
From a team that can't stop winning to federal court cases, the drama in the NFL has made for some very compelling TV. Business of sports commentator Diana Nyad recaps the season with Scott Jagow.
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Drug report won't break baseball

Dec 13, 2007
Former Senator George Mitchell releases his steroids report today, which exposes the problem in baseball. But Steve Tripoli reports despite shedding light on the issue, the study won't hurt the sport's bottom line.
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Do steroid findings weaken scandals?

Dec 6, 2007
A report earlier this week said tests done on 50 over-the-counter supplements showed traces of steroids in 13 of them. And those traces weren't mentioned on the labels. Business of sports analyst Diana Nyad talks with Kai Ryssdal about the Marketplace side of the story.
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Stop bashing Boras for doing his job

Dec 6, 2007
Superagent Scott Boras has just gotten his client, outfielder Andruw Jones, the fifth-highest average salary in baseball history: $36 million for two years with the L.A. Dodgers. Boras is often blamed for rising player paychecks. But commentator Dan Drezner says that's wrong-headed.
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Trump's luxury golf dream rejected

Nov 30, 2007
Donald Trump's bid to build a luxury golf course on the Aberdeenshire, Scotland coastline has been rejected by local politicians. Aberdeen Sustainability Group's Mickey Foote tells Doug Krizner why the course is a bad idea.
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World Cup lottery has a large draw

Nov 23, 2007
Over 3,000 people will be in Durban, South Africa this weekend to witness the preliminary draw for the next men's soccer World Cup. Gretchen Wilson reports TV networks will spend billions to broadcast the lottery.
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