Do steroid findings weaken scandals?

Dec 6, 2007
A report earlier this week said tests done on 50 over-the-counter supplements showed traces of steroids in 13 of them. And those traces weren't mentioned on the labels. Business of sports analyst Diana Nyad talks with Kai Ryssdal about the Marketplace side of the story.
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Stop bashing Boras for doing his job

Dec 6, 2007
Superagent Scott Boras has just gotten his client, outfielder Andruw Jones, the fifth-highest average salary in baseball history: $36 million for two years with the L.A. Dodgers. Boras is often blamed for rising player paychecks. But commentator Dan Drezner says that's wrong-headed.
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Trump's luxury golf dream rejected

Nov 30, 2007
Donald Trump's bid to build a luxury golf course on the Aberdeenshire, Scotland coastline has been rejected by local politicians. Aberdeen Sustainability Group's Mickey Foote tells Doug Krizner why the course is a bad idea.
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World Cup lottery has a large draw

Nov 23, 2007
Over 3,000 people will be in Durban, South Africa this weekend to witness the preliminary draw for the next men's soccer World Cup. Gretchen Wilson reports TV networks will spend billions to broadcast the lottery.
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Is this any way to treat a consumer?

Nov 20, 2007
Getting ready to settle back and enjoy some football on Thanksgiving Day? Commentator Will Leitch says that when it comes to the commercials you might just want to look away.
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The revenue rise of the MLB

Nov 9, 2007
Major League Baseball's revenue has been growing steadily over the last few years, and this season it grossed a tie with football. Scott Jagow talks to business of sports commentator Diana Nyad about the MLB's gain.
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Scouting for the NBA, coaching for life

Nov 8, 2007
The NBA is pulling in more players from around the world. Meet one of the globetrotting scouts who seeks them out, in the latest installment of our series on jobs in the global economy. Jon Miller reports.
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Rockies fans eating crow

Nov 6, 2007
It's been a week since the Boston Red Sox defeated the Colorado Rockies in the World Series, and fans in Denver are paying up friendly wages in the form of fine food. Curt Nickisch reports.
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A pumped-up country

Nov 6, 2007
From Hollywood to high school, steroids are more popular outside of the realm of sports than you'd think. Scott Jagow talks to Shaun Assael, author of the book "Steroid Nation."
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Traders take a beating, for a good cause

Nov 2, 2007
At the same time some investment banks are taking a pounding from the credit crunch, Wall Street traders come together to dish out and take some more lumps for a boxing charity event. Amy Scott was ringside.
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