Athletes cash in with Olympic gold

Aug 7, 2008
The Olympic Games officially get going tomorrow. Host Kai Ryssdal talks with Diana Nyad about the financial ramifications success at the games could have for some U.S. athletes, both known and unknown.
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MLB investigating bonus scandal

Aug 5, 2008
Major League Baseball and the FBI are looking into whether some talent scouts have been skimming off the top of the signing bonuses given to young players from the Dominican Republic. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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An Olympic build-up in Beijing

Aug 4, 2008
The Beijing Olympics are just days away, and the Chinese capital stands to benefit from millions of dollars in infrastructure. Lisa Chow reports just how much might go into the city.
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Cricket takes a lesson from U.S. sports

Jul 30, 2008
In an attempt to boost interest in cricket, India is following the models of U.S. sports leagues, creating a faster-paced, flashier sport -- a strategy that is paying off. Mehul Srivastava reports.
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China limits cars to clear the air

Jul 21, 2008
Beijing has put drastic measures into effect to decrease pollution in the city for the Olympics. But how effective are the efforts? Lisa Chow reports.
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Wanna buy an NFL team?

Jul 17, 2008
Owners of three National Football League teams are looking to make deals that will get them out of complicated financial situations. Host Kai Ryssdal talks with Sports Business Journal's Daniel Kaplan about whether the owners will get thrown for a loss.
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Bronx divided on new Yankee Stadium

Jul 15, 2008
A new billion-dollar Yankee Stadium is going up across the street from the old one in the Bronx, but some are worried the neighborhood will end up striking out on the deal. Sally Herships reports.
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Well suited to make waves

Jul 11, 2008
New Speedo and NASA-developed body suits are making it easier to break world swimming records. Scott Jagow talks about the suits with sports commentator and record-holding swimmer Diana Nyad, who explains how the suits work.
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Olympics are for sport, not politics

Jul 10, 2008
While many are tempted to use the Olympic Games as an opportunity to criticize China's human rights record, commentator Ilya Shapiro says it's time to take the politics out of this sporting event.
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China scrambles to the finish line

Jul 8, 2008
With just 30 days until the opening ceremonies, there are still a lot of cranes working over Beijing. Host Kai Ryssdal asks Marketplace's Lisa Chow how much work is left to prepare the city for the big event.
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