U.S. tennis tries to net more young players

Jun 24, 2011
The United States Tennis Association has launched a program to hook younger players by shrinking courts and racquets. The hope is to grow interest in the sport and help produce more American champions.
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Top draft picks may boost Cavaliers' bottom line

Jun 23, 2011
In the season since LeBron James went to play for the Miami Heat, the Cavs have struggled mightily on the court and to fill the stands. But there are signs things may be turning around.
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Labor deal tops agenda for NFL owners

Jun 21, 2011
NFL owners will begin an extended meeting today in hopes of finding an agreement over a new labor deal. If they can't strike a deal with players, the season will be cancelled.
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ESPN: Green Bay Packers ranked 'Best Franchise in Sports'

Jun 17, 2011
Peter Keating, a senior writer with ESPN The Magazine, explains this year's 'Best Franchises in Sports.'
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Oops...Miami Herald Macy's ad congratulates Heat on being 'NBA champions'

Jun 14, 2011
And now, from the Marketplace "Dewey Defeats Truman" Mistaken Headline Desk, we bring you "Congratulations Miami!" The Miami Herald ran a nearly...
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Bahrain cancels Formula 1 race

Jun 10, 2011
Organizers of the Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix say that the race -- originally set to open the Formula 1 season in March -- will not go on later this year.
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The process behind naming a racehorse

Jun 9, 2011
From Seabiscuit to Secretariat, there are rules and rituals involved in naming a racehorse.
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ESPN a big selling point in bid for Olympic TV rights

Jun 6, 2011
TV executives are gathering in Switzerland today to bid for the rights to broadcast the next two Olympic games -- Russia in 2014 and Brazil in 2016.
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Horse virus threatens cutting season

Jun 6, 2011
Horse cutting awards about $40 million in prizes each year, but a virus threatens to shut down this season's events.
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St. Louis football fans concerned over stadium, not lockout

Jun 3, 2011
The St. Louis Rams' home stadium -- the Edward Jones Dome -- was ranked the worst stadium in the NFL. Now St. Louis residents are faced with a tough decision: pay for stadium renovations, or lose the beloved team.
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