Broadband is good for your health

Dec 8, 2005
If we were more wired, we could save billions of healthcare dollars, says a report released today. It looks specifically at how the bill for seniors and the disabled could be slashed if speedy broadband access were more widespread. From the Health Desk at WGBH, Helen Palmer reports.
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Dec 7, 2005
New technology is being developed to allow drivers to share music files with other motorists. Joel Rose looks at how it works.
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The world post-Kyoto

Nov 29, 2005
Environmental officials from around the world are in Montreal trying to hammer out a new round of greenhouse gas limits once the Kyoto protocol expires. Steve NcNally reports.
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Scientific American's Top 50

Nov 23, 2005
Janet Babin looks at what made the cut in Scientific American's top 50 contributions to science in 2005.
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Drug battle in D.C.

Nov 18, 2005
The drug industry is suing Washington, D.C. over a city law that caps prescription drug prices. The city is trying to cut down on the amount it spends annually on drugs for uninsured residents. Stuart Cohen reports.
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Patent reform urged for genome technology

Nov 17, 2005
A National Academy of Science report out today calls for reforms in the US patent system to encourage development of genomic technology. Janet Babin reports.
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Nanotechnology under review

Nov 17, 2005
A congressional panel today looks at consumer and environmental safety issues concerning the use of nanotechnology in hundreds of consumer products. Sam Eaton reports.
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Keeping a head above water in Alaska

Nov 11, 2005
Global warming has the water rising in the Native Alaskan village of Newtok. And as Aliza Sherman Risdahl reports, residents have few options.
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Staking a stem cell claim

Oct 13, 2005
Most polls indicate broad support for stem cell research, but Washingtona€™s official stance is to restrict funding. Scott Tong reports that states are racing to fill the void.
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Motivation to eat right

Aug 1, 2005
There is a new — and unexpected — place where we can find dieting inspiration. Commentator and admitted chocaholic Beth Tietell just isn't buying.
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